Westminster and Cabinet War Rooms

Fridays are London excursion days.

We went to Westminster Abbey today. That place is insane. The architecture is pretty much  incredible.The Lady Chapel will take your breath away. Just look up...

It was strange walking on Charles Darwin and everyone else. I think the weirdest thing was seeing Queen Lizzie's tomb. I've read about her for ages, and wahBAAM. She's there. Right underneath your nose.

After Pret for lunch, we headed back to the Churchill War Rooms, passing the protest and press conference. The museum is made up entirely of the old bunker that Churchill used during WWII to hold meetings and stay safe from the air raids. I think it's the coolest museum that I've ever been to. The subject matter was interesting, but it was the way that the museum was set up that made it so good. It was really interactive and captivating for all age groups. (It was I promise, no one is paying me to say this.)

Tonight for dinner I met up with Kirsten Jensen and her hubby. They were incredibly nice and took me to dinner. We ended up going to the Tate Modern and it was divine. I had a penne pasta with roasted tomatoes, shredded zucchini, and salted ricotta. 

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