Today I had various errands to run. While on my way to Boot's, a man approached me. He was dressed in business attire, complete with a briefcase. He turned to me and asked me for directions. I was so excited that I almost didn't hear what he said. Did I have any idea as to where he was talking about? No. I've only been here a week, geez. But still...

Tonight the whole group went to see one of my favorite plays in the whole entire world, "A Midsummer's Night Dream", at the Globe.

It did not disappoint. It was horrendously funny. (Even though Hippolyta's American accent was somewhat atrocious at times.) We were "groundlings". Getting crappy tickets to concerts and being a groupie for the Empirates was good practice for standing for three hours.

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  1. haha you're a local now...very exciting :)