A Little Bit of Advice

To the woman on the phone:

The fact that your voice echoes on the other line, not a total giveaway.

The flushing sound... That's a dead giveaway.


Old House, New House

I was going to write a terribly clever ditty about my new apartment. Something a la Goodnight Moon, but then I realized that I was too lazy to do such.

Yes we moved. Yes we're still in Provo. And yes I now have church until the early evening.


Sniff, Sniff

If you care to visit our apartment in the next few weeks prepare yourself. The fish trees are in full bloom, and I am throwing all caution to the wind and opening the windows to let in the spring air. (Which may or may not consist of fish scents depending on the way the wind blows.)



Wanted: A Nanny for Two Adorable Children

These strong winds must only mean one thing...


Story Time

So this one time, the other day at work....

I am talking to this dude on the phone. 
I told him that he might want to get a pen and paper to write some stuff down. 
He replies, "Well, I was just about to get into the shower, so I can't really go get any right now."

Oh great dude. Just great. I really needed to know that you were sitting on the toilet naked right now. 



What I do all day:

What I want to do all day: