Museum and Market Saturday

Camden Market was the last market on my list that I wanted to visit. It was... interesting, as expected. Every fifty feet or so there were signs luring you down darkened hallways for piercings and tattoos. Every type of person, from every background was there. (Well... maybe not the old money types... They stick around the neighborhoods I visited yesterday.) Shoes (like these) were sold on at various shops, and the people walking past were actually wearing them. It was fun, but certainly not my scene.

We hopped over to Borough for lunch. I split another ostrich burger with Carly and we got a brownie to end all brownies. It was huge, first of all. It was also buttery, chocolaty, and dense all at the same time. Perfection.

Last was the National Gallery...again. I thought I wouldn't go to an art museum today, just to mix things up. It didn't happen. I still don't feel like I've even made a dent in the museum, but I don't know if you ever can.
Out of all the paintings we saw today, nothing struck us quite like this one...

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