El Oeste

A Warning: Be prepared for the longest post of your life. 
We've gotta cover three days... Mmmkay?
Up at the crack of dawn to board the coach to the west on Tuesday.

First stop Chawton for Jane Austen's house.

Me in the Austen kitchen. Where else did you expect me?
It was literally a house that Jane Austen happened to live in. Maybe I needed more sleep to fully appreciate it...
We ended up in Bath and went straight to the baths. 
I just wanted to jump in. 
Alyssa and I drank the nasty water. I'd pick Dublin over the pump room water any time.

It really is just the quaintest little big city. Although I must admit that I mostly just saw the shops... Which is where I fell in love with Cath Kidston. I think it's gonna be a life long love affair... After dinner, we headed to our hostel. Hardly sketchy. The hotel in Disneyland where the air conditioner tripped the power was much worse. 

No bed bugs. 

I don't think anyone loves fields quite as much as I do. 
We had some time in the town to get lunch. It was cold and we were starving. I got a pasty. It was tasty. (They don't rhyme, promise.)
The theme for this trip is stairs. It is not a London excursion if stairs are not involved. The hike up to the Tor did not disappoint.
Oh hello stunning view. 
Back on the coach for two hours. England is filled with sheep. We rounded the bend 30 minutes before our arrival, my heart swelled as the ocean came into view...
We stayed in the lazy little beach town known as Ilfracombe. Best part of the trip hands down. We scampered across the beach and dipped our toes in the water. We got yummy pizza from a little restaurant and watched the sun set.

There were these skate rats that were very interested in our large group of American girls. They came up to Dr. Macfarlane and started chatting him up. One of the kids asked him the best way to overcome his pot addiction. Dr. Macfarlane told him that he's never experienced it himself, but like most addictions it requires a lot of self control and determination....
Americans should litter more so we can get sea glass like this. 

We basically owned the town that night. 

Our hostel in Ilfracombe was like staying at your creepy great aunt's house. Kitsch, a little unsanitary, and reeks of cigarette smoke. 
At least we had it to ourselves...
The next morning we were treated to a traditional English breakfast. I've decided that Americans like sugar for breakfast and the English like salt. 

Hello protein...
We left Ilfracombe and continued along the coast. Tintagel smelled of the sea, and I loved it. London is nice, but I left my heart on the shores of England. (Cheesy, dramatic? Yes. But I think I'm part mermaid...) We got food from a little bistro above Tintagel. I always feel bad for these little towns, we come in swarms. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich. It was really yummy, but not what I expected. It was literally grilled chicken with salad... in a sandwich. But you could put anything on a good baguette and it would be delicious.
You can thank Carly for this awkward candid shot. I miss vitamin d.  

P.S. I got the most ah-mahzing sandwich from Pret today. Goat cheese, basil, and asparagus on a divine baguette with yogurt and mustard dressing.


  1. pot addiction? please

  2. Wow! Awesome pictures! I'm so jealous of all the places you got to see!

    But, "It tastes like blood?!" OMG that's soooo disgusting! Haha kudos for trying it though.

  3. you are welcome for your awesome candid shot