It was a beautiful day in London today. Did I get to appreciate it? Erm... no.

Ah school... Curse you... I just have to make it through Thursday...

I was not going to let the day get away from me though. I had 20 minutes before dinner, and I took a stroll through Notting Hill. Beautamous.

The whole group went and saw a play called "Eurydice". I really liked it. It was... different, so not everyone else who saw it enjoyed it.  I didn't think I was going like it. Dr. Macfarlane emailed us a link to a synopsis and it was the weirdest thing I've ever read... So I won't make you go through that, but in essence it was based off the the myth of Orpheus.

If I told you about it you wouldn't appreciate it... and I would be labeled a crazy person. 

Oh... P.S. Do you know what I learned today? They have Cadbury Mini Eggs here year round. Not fair I know. I'm adding that to my list of reasons as to why BYU should be in London. 

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  1. you think the chocolate is good in england? you should tour the continent