Excursion Numero Uno

There really is nothing to do at Stonehenge but take pictures. And meet Australian couples and make betrothals...

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We don't call attention to ourselves...

We're revamping Druid worship.
This stop was purely for Prof. Young's amusement. Bemerton chapel was George Herbert's parish. An adorable little chapel, but even the 20 minutes we stayed there was too long. 

So this place might look familiar. It's been featured in few chick flicks...
The back side should look especially familiar. 

The house was stunning. The earl and his family still live here. It was filled with tons of art. Literally every wall was covered. Roman statues, Rembrant, Van Dyck, and Bruegel paintings. The grounds were immense. I have no idea how they keep everything up.
Le Front

"Oh, this is just the gate to enter my estate..."
One of the docents said that the actors that have come to film here were "scrumptious". 

They had a huge park. I don't know, this might just be the greatest place in the whole world...

When we got back on the bus a few of us decided to petition this to be the new London Center.  

Prof. Macfarlane said a few days ago that Stourhead is reason alone to come to England. I thought that perhaps he was exaggerating, he was not. It was stunning. Everything is blooming here. The garden was filled with ginormous azaleas, unlike any you've ever seen. There were dogwood trees with branches that were bending with weight from the flowers. We were just all excited to go because it's the place where they filmed one of the best scenes in Pride and Prejudice.

Well for once I'm glad for my constant need to walk in front of groups on hikes, because as soon as I shot this everyone was running and screaming towards this thing. We took a butt load of pictures and spent half of our time at the temple. Then we remembered that we had the whole garden to walk through...



  1. did you reenact it? because i would have... even by myself i would have.

  2. oh. my. gosh. i am so beyond jealous! that is definitely one of my top 2 favorite scenes in that movie. everything looks gorgeous!

  3. Thought I recognized le back from, eh hem, "What a Girl Wants" (hey why should I be embarrassed for watching it, Colin Firth is the one who should be embarrassed) but that was shot at a different estate. Will you guys be visiting Chattsworth House as well?


  4. Oh my gosh. Dad should just give his man card back now. I can't believe he recognized that from an Amanda Bynes movie...let alone recall the title. Disgrace.

    On a side note...THAT IS MY FAVORITE SCENE FROM PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. You should have brought the soundtrack to reenact it.