Tower of London & Kensington

Tower of London: Tourist Mecca

The whole program went to the tower of London on the most blustery of days. Let's be honest, all I really cared about were the crown jewels. Everything else was just a bunch of rocks stuck together with a mortar type substance. They didn't even sparkle... We started off with the crown jewels, which may have been a bad idea because nothing else could live up to them. The torture chamber was weaksauce. Only three instruments displayed, c'mon... I wanted a demonstration. Not a voice over of diary entries about the horrors of torture. If I wanted to be preached to I'd hang out in the Tower Chapel.

Creepy Child Armor and World Record Armor
(What activities is your child participating in that he requires a full armored suit?)
They were most certainly irritated that we asked to have our picture taken with them. 
After the Tower, I took a stroll through Kensington Gardens. So. Beautiful. (And filled with squirrels, who are a little too friendly...)

Palace Gardens. They keep this place up like BYU. 

What the Brits really think of Americans: Custer with the body of a Greek god and an awkward loin cloth...
I met Peter at the park.

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