Don Juans

The whole group took a little trip to Wigmore Hall to see the Vienna Piano Trio.

I swear other than our group, there were maybe three people under the age of 65. It was like all of the rest homes within a 30 mile radius decided to bus in their residents for a bank holiday excursion.

The concert was really good. It's just too bad that I've conditioned myself to fall asleep listening to classical music. I was struggling, but I made it... Barely.

After the concert a few of us headed over to the National Portrait Gallery for English. As soon as I saw this portrait I didn't even have to guess who this was. There is only one man of literary significance that would be so conceited and ridiculous to be be painted like this... Lord Byron. Heavens.

Could you be any more meticulous about your mustache?

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  1. You would have never lasted in the vienna study abroad. opera three times a week? yes please!