A Classy Tuesday

A small group of us headed to the Orangery for afternoon tea. I got hot chocolate (rich and delicious, thanks for asking), fearing the tea would be a bit dodgy. Which is ridiculous. Let me tell you, the British know how to do tea right. Surprise, surprise.

It was a wonderful and relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

After dinner, I made a last minute decision to see Les Miserables with the Daily Universe reporter who came to visit. Of course, I got lost on the tube while she was there... Twice. (On the way there and on the way back.) In the end it probably benefited us. We got there 15 minutes before the show and got fifth row seats. I had no problem seeing the microphones that look like moles.

Tomorrow we're off to the west to Haworth, Hill Top Farm, and Liverpool.


  1. i find that i am enraged with jealousy.

  2. Doug would be so jealous! He's been dying to see Les Miserables in London.