Four Deaths

 I nearly died four times today:

1. Death By Peacock: Strolling through Holland Park, minding my own business, and all of a sudden I hear a loud SCREECH and a peacock charges towards me. (Not smart young bird, if you are trying to get away...)
Look at that death stare...

2. Death By Car: I stupidly crossed the street following Beth today after getting distracted and not looking both ways. Guess who just failed preschool safety training...
3. Death By Food Coma: Beth took me to the yummiest Indian restaurant and we stuffed our faces with naan, lamb chops, and mango smoothie. Hello heaven.
4. Death By Boredom: Wuthering Heights. Umpteen million pages left to read. Blech.


  1. I once read the first 30 pages of W.H...then decided I liked living.

  2. I could cry. I am so upset you could insult my FAV BOOK like that!

  3. Aw glad you survived, but you should keep with Wuthering Heights. It's amazing, I promise!