Wait- I Have to Go to Class?

Classes started today. I guess we have to take written tests in there, which should be interesting because we have no desks...

After classes we went to the Museum of London. It covered everything from the Neolithic Age to the Great Fire of 1660 something or other. But the museum was somewhat small considering all the stuff they covered. The artifacts themselves were not particularly unique (except for Cromwell's death mask... that dude had a large head.), but I loved the way everything was displayed. The Neolithic and Bronze age artifacts were put in these very modern displays and the juxtaposition was really cool.

 I saw a lot of these. 

He had a big nose too.

(If anyone cares...Tyler... they have a really good cafe with yummy sandwiches that have good, crusty bread.)

Next came St. Paul's Cathedral. We couldn't take pictures inside, but I wouldn't have wanted to anyway. There is no way I could have done that place any justice. We climbed an innumerable amount of stairs to get to the tippy top of the dome. I thought I was going to faint while walking up the rickety spiral staircase that was latticed so you could see everything below you.

 Just come and see it for yourself, okay?

A few girls and I decided to go on one of the London walks. We hopped onto the tube and got off at Warwick Avenue and headed to Little Venice. The houses surrounding the area are beautiful, and the canal is quite quaint. Right as we got to the bridge overlooking the canal, it started to rain. By the time we got home and got off the tube, it was pouring. Of course we had a little trouble finding the center, and by the time we punched in the code and came into the entryway, we were rather wet.

Little Venice

This might be classier than Danville...

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