The Real Reason I Chose to Go Here

I have come to the conclusion that BYU is just one giant shopping mall. The similarities can no longer be ignored. Let's list, shall we?
1. There is of course actual shopping. (But that's a boring comparison, isn't it now?)
2. There are annoying couples holding hands/parents with strollers who walk slowly in front of you somehow blocking the whole sidewalk, so there is no possible way for you to squeeze by.
3. Children are often found to be running around mad without a parent in sight.
4. Parking is horrendous. There are those who run late, and quickly grab a spot, only realizing on the walk up that there are six spots that are closer than the one you chose, if only you were patient and prepared enough, you could be saving yourself the shin splints from your stupid flip flops. And then there are those that drive round and round and round, and then wait for you to pull out of your spot impatiently, giving you enough room for a Mini Cooper when you do not drive a Mini Cooper.
5. Everyone on campus gets dressed up like those twelve year olds who wear way to much makeup and promenade around the mall. (Zoobies promenade too.)
6. It's a date destination for the lazy and uncreative.
7. People play games where they're not supposed to and then the blue coats run and chase after you. (I wish campus police rode around on a Segway.)
8. The Women's bathrooms are filled with spacious sitting areas that you probably shouldn't sit on, but you do anyway.
9. The food isn't really that good, but you eat it anyway because there is nothing better.
But the real reason BYU is just a giant place where people flock for commercialism/materialism...
They put up the Christmas trees in the library.

Halloween was um... six days ago?

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