First Plans for London

I have a terribly cliche activity that I hope to accomplish while on my stint in England. I've only been dreaming about it since I was seven. (No. Joke.)

I want to go to a rugby game with Prince Harry.

It doesn't seem like an impossible task. I'm not looking to marry the dude. He likes them, rugby games that is. And he broke up with his girlfriend (they're just "friends"), so she can't be too attached to him. She can let me have him for the afternoon. (Unless she really is a selfish brat...) Heck. It'll make him appreciate her more. She needs the favor.


  1. rachel! You're in england? me toooo! i'm here at oxford for a year. where the heck are you girly?! and why haven't we met up?

  2. Oh Teresa...I'm so sorry and so pathetic. I'm not leaving until April, but I'm already planning my wedding at Kensington Gardens. BUT, if you're still there in April, I will definitely come and visit.

  3. pfff like you knew what rugby was when you were 7...i think not. we have my dear, dear cousins to thank for our rugby affinity ahhh