I should start a running list about things I hate about living in Utah...One of the most frustrating is the blatant lack of grocery store items.

In planning my grocery list today, I decided that I wanted to make a simple lemon orzo salad. After looking through the pasta shelf at Albertsons I came to the conclusion that they had no orzo pasta...Not acceptable. This happens all the time. At the beginning of the year I couldn't find capers. (My mom brought me some from home.) I have yet to find any of my yummy green rice that I've grown up with. Last year I would get frustrated because the Creamery had beef broth and chicken broth, but no vegetable broth...because that makes sense...

See Brooke, it is a real pasta. Hmph.

These are not strange requests people. I'm not looking for an extremely rare cheese or anything. Ridiculousness. It is time to enter the real world Utards! People do eat things other than Jello salad and Cream of Mushroom casaroles.

Now I have an eight dollar bag of pine nuts and no orzo to pair with them...

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