Catalog Follow Up

I never did get my J. Crew catalog in the mail...

So I stole one from the store...
Bitterly disappointing. As stated here, my favorite portion of said catalog is the adorable Noah. Some bimbo decided it would be a good concept for the April 09 edition to cut out his face, and just show the clothes. (Is a clothing catalog's job really to highlight the clothes?)
Now I can only guess at what his face looks like...
He probably looks pretty sexy here, but one can't be certain.
(Side note: J. Crew employees are never supposed to say something/someone is sexy...maybe I got in trouble for it one time and maybe I didn't...)
Noah always looks good in a suit. Shame you can't see his beautiful face. Hmph. Could be some effeminate guy I know that I'm lusting after. (This is actually quite probable.)

Someone had better rectify this problem or Mickey is going to be sorry.

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