Weekend Escape

We took a quick jaunt to California's armpit this weekend.

Shall we skip the nitty gritty and get to the real reason why I travel?


Pad See Ew at Lotus of Siam

It is 72 hours later and I am still dying. It's like every other place I have had this dish is a mere copycat. 

Afterwards, le husband and I heard about a gathering of food trucks downtown. We hussled our tooshes past the glittering lights, got our hands stamped, and stood under heat lamps eating sweet, sweet fresh churros. 


Just the best melt in your mouth meaty goodness I've ever had.

And yes I ate them with bacon au gratin potatoes. 

And yes I had room for cake


So this one time when I lived south of campus I found a little restaurant called Dew that served these things called banh mis. Then, this other time when I was in Las Vegas le husband found a little sandwich shop called Dakao that served banh mis that blew Dew's out of the water. 

Hello fresh, buttery french bread, my name is Rachel and this is my mouth. 

It has been a year and a half and I still have yet to to get a camera cord, thus all images were pilfered from the internet for educational purposes.

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  1. Rachel, Las Vegas is NOT in California.....