The Honeymooners

This one time a week after we got married and a week before real life started we went on a honeymoon to Cancun. 

We went to Mexican WalMart and saw a gaggle of missionaries.
We ate lots of tacos.
I had Cosmo Kramer hair.
We soaked ourselves with sweat at Chichen Itza.
I had a near death experience with a tarantula while changing into my swimming suit and terribly vulnerable. 

We beached.
Meaning... sunning, reading, and oceanic swimming.

"Did you get it?"

 Do not enlarge. Unless you like to see sweaty heads. 

 Trip to ruins included: getting up at the crack of dawn and extensive bombardment by native vendors.

  Panuchos. Fried, meat topped, bean filled, delicious.

Cenote swimming. In my one piece.


  1. Looks like you had a fab honeymoon, hopefully neither of you got sick! We need to hang out now that you are back darling.

  2. haha ditto to the sick part. both of our honeymoons to mexico had problems. and i like how you had to say that was your one piece. you are too cute!