In Which I Play Arteest

I ventured out of my internship comfort zone today. Instead of researching angels, I helped build a wall of books... or rather a Tower of Babel of books, similar to this:

But not really like this, because this is more wall like than tower like.

Although I no longer think I am going to be anymore help after today because now you have to reach over a four foot wall to place the books. Unfortunately, I am not known to have arms three times the length of my body. 

I told one of the fabricators that I could stand in the well and place the books. He didn't think it was very funny.


  1. why are you building a tower of books?? you should add your collection to the pile. or start your own. you can use my books that i left at your apartment. haha obviously they are of no use to me.

  2. i can't give those away! they prop up the mirror that i use to make sure my butt doesn't look too big.