The House that the Fruher Wanted

This is Dover Castle.

Once upon a time a little a little sadist named Hitler wanted to make this his home after he invaded Britain. 

Really? I mean yeah, it's cool and all, but you pick Dover? Over Kensington or one of the other palaces? I suppose some people spend all their lives trying to be different and go against the grain. You know what happens when that goes unchecked... 

You eventually conform. (Who really tries to take over the world these days?)

Now, back to the picture. You see that watery stuff that looks like the ocean? That's the ocean. Do you know what happens when there is salt in the air and the gulls are trying to rip your sandwich from your hands? My hair wigs. 

So when we were done storming the castle and dodging crowds of French tweens, I took my swishy bangs on pilgrimage to Canterbury. Where there were more French tweens.

After visiting the stabbing site, I was feeling pretty righteous, so Carly and I decided to go have tea at a cute little tea shop that we passed along the way. Best idea ever.

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