Epic Saturday

I have been dreaming of Books for Cooks since I was still in Utah.

Here's the lowdown. Books for Cooks is a bookstore in Notting Hill that sells only cookbooks. Every shelf is crammed full of colorful spines just waiting to be picked through. But that's not what I came for.

They have a test kitchen. Can you say foodie heaven?

Unfortunately they only serve lunch when I have class during the week, so I had to go today.

I walk in and pick through a number of books hoping to find one on scones. After flipping through that macarons book that everyone has been raving about, I decided to head back to the kitchen. There are a number of cakes lined along the tiled counter. On the board is the special for the day. This is what I came for.

I shyly ask for the tart. The cook, Eric, tells me to take a seat, and I'm immediately handed a large jug of water and glass. He brings me my plate with a napkin and utensils.

Shall we discuss the food? I of course left my camera on my bed, so there aren't any pictures. The tart or quiche was filled with salmon, salty enough to take the place of cheese. Peas complimented it perfectly with their fresh sweetness and the green onions gave just enough flavor without overpowering the tart as normal onions would. All of this was encased in a flaky, buttery, filo dough crust. To the side was a salad of mixed greens, sweet roasted tomatoes, chickpeas, sesame seeds, with a dressing that I think was made of sesame oil and a rice vinegar. To be eaten with the tart, was mashed beets, cold and terribly delicious.

Did I mention all of this was £4? Because it was. 

I don't think I've ever eaten anything so slowly in my life.

When I came back, I went to the Tate Britain with my roommates.

I should have known it would happen.

I'm in love with JMW Turner.

There's no way you can leave the museum and not love him. They have a whole wing devoted to his paintings. The lighting, the colors, the man's a genius.

On the way out I ate one of the pears that I picked up at Portobello after Books for Cooks. They are the most beautiful blush pears I have ever seen in my life. Straight out of a still life. They were juicy and sweet, and just firm enough to be easily eaten on the go after being ravished at the museum.


  1. I say forget about being a museum curator, you need to become a food critic...anyone that has seen you eat will understand how strong an endorsement "...(never) eaten anything so slowly in my life.." is coming from you...

  2. haha! your dad is right, you must have been eating super slow.