Stratford & Oxford

I regress on the coach. There is no way for me to stay awake. Suddenly I'm two again, and the low hum of the road passing underneath and the slight sway of driving down the highway puts me into an instant coma.

I love it.

Shakespeare's Birthplace:
They make do with what they have...
 We were all wearing stripes. Somehow I was supposed to be a stripe, rather than cover them up...

Trinity Church:
Sometimes the small churches are better than the cathedrals. This one just happened to have the best graveyards... inside and out.
 I'd pick being buried here over Westminster any day.

Anne Hathaway's House:
Sometimes it's all about what's outside, rather than the actual site itself. If we had been here in the winter, I might not have enjoyed it.

 Everything about today made me want to reread The Secret Garden.

Is there anything not to love about this place? High tea in the Great Hall, a personal tour around Christ Church, endowments that allow for incredible museums...
 Harry Potter, Harry Potter...

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