Before We Head to the West...

Written last night... but the internet proved finicky and uncooperative... 
While everyone was in classes this morning I had brunch. I was munching on a leftover pastry and drinking a glorious, rare glass of milk while reading Time Out magazine. I quickly glanced over a review for the new She & Him album and skipped to the review of "Four Lions". Right before class started I got onto the magazine's website and saw that She & Him were playing in London tonight. It was an agonizing hour and a half waiting to purchase the tickets.

Carly and I raced up the stairs and willed the internet to work. We had ten precious minutes before English class. There were many excited squeals as we raced down the stairs triumphantly to the classroom.

After classes, the whole group went to the British Museum. I felt like I was in the sixth grade again. Particularly when I was in the Egyptian section. Anything you ever learned about in your world history class... It's there.

The concert was um... como se dice awesome. Who would have thought my chick crush on Zooey could have gotten any bigger? 

Video will be posted {here} when the internet quits throwing a temper tantrum.

We're off to the west tomorrow... Internet will probably be sketchy if not completely unavailable...

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