Going Rogue

This is it.

I'm about to board a 10 hour flight to London. (Insert cliche phrase here describing how this will be a life changing event.)

10 long hours cramped in economy class as I fly through ashen skies.

I bet first class gets special filtering masks...

I really hope I don't get cancer.


  1. the ash is so much better (aka less of it) and planes are once again safe to fly...hence me getting back to ireland :) you'll be grand

  2. duuuuudddeeee. you're going to london! ahhhh so excited for you. oh, and happy 100th post. booya girlfriend.

  3. Love your new title and header! AWESOME!

  4. A couple things:
    1. You renamed your blog!?
    2. You've had this long enough to make 100 posts?
    3. Communicating via fb/blogs is seriously going to get old...
    Let me know when we can skype!