Musings and Metaphors

Note: Please excuse my poor graphic representation. I was lazy.

I have made the decision that the elusive, perfect man is like an iPhone. Before you say, "This chick's out of her mind..." hear me out:

I really want an iPhone, and before I went to Hawaii, I was under the impression that I was going to get one. Then I came home, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to. But now, every other phone I look at seems to pale in comparison. Sure the Samsung Impression is a beauty, but it's doesn't have spell check or internet...
Boys are the same way. You find "the one"- he's charming, good looking, and smart, but you can't have him. Yet, you fixate on him. Sure you may find one that comes close, but he's not going to have all the same features as that iPhone lad you're lusting after. Somehow you've got it stuck in your head that you need that iPhone, and nothing is going to sway you, until you find something better to replace him.

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