Little Pastel Devils

Every spring my beloved cinnamon bears take a back seat to these suckers. Have you ever had one? My suggestion is don't try them. If you have, feel free to join the support group I'm starting up.

I can't avoid them, they're everywhere. I first saw them as I was walking through the Wilk with Rebekah. Since then I haven't been able to escape them. Next I saw them in a pretty little bowl sitting on the coffee table in my FHE brothers' apartment. Every grocery store trip I have to restrain myself from grabbing three bags to put in my basket.

Someone should report them to the FDA because I swear they are made with crack. Highly saturated, fatty crack.

On another note... I received an email from redbox today. Typically they just send me spam, so I was pretty excited when I got this: It's March Movie Madness for redbox, so get in the game… on Wednesdays! Visit redblog every Wednesday in March for your Free Movie Wednesday code. This promotion is apparently in addition to their free Monday movie codes as well. So take advantage my friends, because apparently none of us (me specifically) have anything better to do than sit on our butts and watch free movies.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know what's more hilarious. you posting about your obession with chocolate eggs or the fact that your FHE brother has a candy bowel on his coffee table. (How does it feel to have your blog commented on?)