Holi Festival

We bought bindis. I have always wanted one.

Stinky llamas. I actually didn't read this sign until after I uploaded the picture.

Who wrote this? Seriously? Possibly one of the most random clump of facts ever written on a petting zoo sign. And they were not clean nor were they gentle. I swear one of them tried to bite me. "Rarely spit..." HA! Right after I took this some kid got spit on. I'm just glad it wasn't me.

The chalk was naasty. It tasted like soap. You couldn't avoid it. I started breathing through my mouth, but then the taste envelops your tongue. Then I tried breathing through my nose. Ugh. It was awful. The chalk fills your lungs, scaring the crap out you, making you think that you're suffocating.


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  1. you have a blog?? this pleases me. I just read the entire thing and it's Fabulous! you are hilarious. Did the holi festival tear your respiratory system to shreds like it did mine? I swear that's what mustard gas tastes like.
    p.s. my blog is super boring and unintersting...I'm always too lazy to upload stuff. just so you don't get your hopes up.